The new Józsefváros Smart City app is launched!

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The new Józsefváros Smart City app is available for free from September 1, 2020. It can be downloaded from GooglePlay for Android and AppStore for iOS devices.

Besides providing information on district news, you can use the app to report problems in our public spaces. You can also find information on the app about local services, nurseries and medical shifts in the district among others.

The app will be continuously updated with new features. Browse the app’s content to find even more useful information soon. The app was completely overhauled in December 2022.

Features available in the app:

1) Read the district news on the app!

Read the news of the Municipality of Józsefváros on the app.

1) Register your interests!

With this feature, the Józsefváros Municipality can send targeted news on topics that interest you.

2) Drive and park with the app!

Mobile parking and mobile transport ticket purchase functions are available in the app, which means that you can use the Józsefváros app to start mobile parking anywhere in the country (typically cheaper than the market price) or even buy a public transportation ticket.

3) Report any public space problem and we will take action to solve it in no time!

Are you experiencing litter in public space? Found an abandoned car? Is a playground bench broken? Is a dog run fence punctured? Report it on the Józsefváros app! You can find the reporting function under the COMMUNITY menu.

4) Apply for a Józsefváros Card online!

The app is a quick and easy way to apply for a Józsefváros Card, which gives you discounts at more than 50 service providers and shops in the district.

5) Browse the services of the municipality!

Looking for a public toilet? Not sure where the nearest dentist is? Looking for a family support service? Want to know where to get your Józsefváros Card? Search the app services!

6) Language selection

The language selection feature at the bottom of your profile now allows you to manually set the language of the app!

If you have any questions about the Józsefváros app, feel free to contact the Office of Community Participation at

The application can be downloaded from the following links:



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