Public toilets in Józsefváros

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Automatic public toilets have been in operation beginning in April 2021 at

Horváth Mihály tér (HUF 10)

Losonci tér (free)

A traditional public toilet operates (free of charge) at the Kálvária tér playground.

The public toilets are open from 7.00 a.m. until dark at playgrounds, and until 9.00 p.m. on closed squares.

A free public toilet has been operating at II. János Pál Pápa tér since July 15 2022. It is open every day from 7 am until 9 pm.

A free public toilet started operation at Déri Miksa utca playground in December 2022. It is open from 7 am until dark.

Another free public toilet in Déri Miksa utca is currently out of order, we are working on putting it into operation.

Five mobile toilets (free of charge) have been put in place, they are open 0-24 hrs.

– Orczy tér (tram, bus-stop corner)

– Teleki tér (near entrance)

– Muzsikus cigányok parkja

– Kálvária tér on Dankó utca corner

– On the corner of Népszínház utca and Bacsó Béla utca

The Budapest Sewage Works operates the following public toilets in the district:

Mátyás tér – from 7 am to 9 pm (HUF 250).

Blaha Lujza tér 0-24 hrs (HUF 250)

Next to Urania 0-24 hrs (HUF 250)

– Nagyvárad tér (subway/underpass)

Other public toilet in the district:

Orczy Park – from 6 am to 8 pm (free of charge).

Maintenance rules of public toilets operated by the Municipality of Józsefváros:

A special team is responsible for cleaning and maintenance at all times.

Staff disinfect the toilets, provide toilet paper and hand towels daily.

“How to use” notices have been placed on mobile toilets.

Thank you for giving feedback about the location of the public toilets. The Municipality strives to place mobile toilets according to feedback messages meeting technical conditions.

The local paper Józsefváros made a film about mobile public toilets last summer, you can watch it at the link below.

Please, contact Józsefváros Gazdálkodási Központ Városüzemeltetési Igazgatóság [City Management Board] if you have a complaint or want to make a remark about public toilets: or report it at Józsefváros Smart City app.

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