Józsefváros helps during wintertime as well – 2022

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Programs for Advent and the ice-skating rink

Józsefváros Municipality invites everybody again this year to free Advent programs available for all at Horváth Mihály tér every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Christmas. We light the candles each Advent Sunday at 5 pm. Here, you can visit our ice-skating rink open until the end of January.

Further information: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/hirdetotabla/hirek/esemenyek/2022/11/adventi-keszulodes-jozsefvarosban/

Make use of our daycare facilities for the elderly!

If you live in Józsefváros and are a senior citizen or receive secondary/supplementary pension funds due to health detriment (including benefits received from NYUFIG), or you know of such a person, please feel free to contact the daycare facility nearby your residence in case you can’t heat your apartment, or your meals are unresolved, or you need help to look after yourself.

Further information: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/hirdetotabla/hirek/2020/12/figyeljunk-az-egyedul-elokre/

We help if you have trouble paying your utility bills!

Contact Józsefváros Municipality and apply for our subsidies if paying your utility bills causes difficulties or you find your financial situation critical.

Further information: https://jozsefvaros.hu/english/news-in-the-district/2022/11/how-to-reduce-your-utility-bills-subsidies-and-advice-on-energy-efficiency/

Apply for a carbon monoxide detector!

Whether you live in a municipality-owned or an owner-occupied apartment, you can apply to the Józsefváros Municipality for a carbon monoxide detector.

Further information: https://jozsefvaros.hu/ugyintezes/ugy/szenmonoxid-erzekelo/

You can help too – preventing death by exposure to cold

In case you know of an elderly, lonely person who, for any reason, could be at risk of being exposed to cold even in his/her apartment, we ask you to call the emergency helpline dialing 112 or please notify the Józsefváros Municipality.

Toll-free phone number: 06-80-277-256 (weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm during the holidays as well!)

Further information: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/hirdetotabla/hirek/2020/11/tajekoztato-a-kihuleses-halalesetek-megelozeserol/

The Life-saving Point in Józsefváros will open this winter as well

The Life-saving Point will operate in the crisis period between December 15, 2022 and March 15, 2023 from 8 pm till 8 am. The purpose of the Live-saving Point is to provide temporary overnight accommodation during the coldest winter months to homeless people living on the streets.

Further information: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/hirdetotabla/hirek/2022/12/iden-telre-is-megnyilik-a-jozsefvarosi-eletmento-pont/

Information for homeless people

In Józsefváros there are four overnight and five temporary shelters open for the homeless during the winter. Everybody can find shelter for the winter! Among the maintainers are the BMSZKI, the Oltalom Charity Association, the Shelter Foundation, the Salvation Army, and the Missionaries of Charity. In addition, there are also five daytime warming centers and three community kitchens in service of those in dire straits.

Further information: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/hirdetotabla/hirek/2020/11/hajlektalan-emberek-szamara-igenybe-veheto-szolgaltatasok-jozsefvarosban/

If you see a homeless person in need of help, call immediately!

The Dispatch Service of the Shelter Foundation can provide information 24/7 on all services related to homeless people (e.g. meals, accommodation, laundry facilities, shelter capacity, etc.). If necessary, the dispatch service can also send street care service or a crisis car to the scene.

In case you would ask for help about a homeless person in trouble who is unprovided for, please dial this number: 06 (1) 338–4186

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