A guide to applying for a permission to use public spaces in the 8th district

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The use of public spaces in Józsefváros is regulated by Decree No. 4/2020 (II.27) on the use of public spaces owned by Józsefváros Municipality, available here>>>

The following summary highlights only the main points of the regulation, in case you are submitting an application, please refer to the whole regulation or ask for detailed information from the Administrative Office at the Mayor’s Office of Józsefváros: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/polgarmesteri-hivatal/szervezeti-egysegek/igazgatasi-iroda/

More information on the process is available here: https://jozsefvaros.hu/ugyintezes/ugy/kozterulet-hasznalat-kerelmezes/

Permission for the use of public spaces

A permission for the use of public spaces must be obtained for the following activities.

Commercial activities and advertising

  • placing a tradesign, signboard, billboard, citylight poster
  • the use for other touristic, commercial and catering purposes
  • setting up a temporary or seasonal restaurant terrace
  • setting up a kiosk, open-structure counter
  • setting up patio parasols, umbrella structures extending into public space, gas-fired patio heaters in connection with commercial activity
  • selling at farmers’ market
  • selling from rolling stores
  • occasional sale on public spaces, including street trading
  • promotional, commercial and service activities
  • commercial leaflet distribution
  • selling on public spaces connected to commercial premises, or to public spaces;
  • placement of rolls, dispatch of goods

Storage of vehicles

  • storing inoperable vehicles for more than 10 days (only on secodary roads)

Construction works

  • facilities connected to construction works, machinery needed for execution and construction, placement of scaffolding, protective roofs, awnings in connection with construction works and storage of construction materials
  • container (up to 9 m3 capacity) for the collection and disposal of construction debris, household waste

Cultural and sport events, other events

  • public space and temporary parking spaces necessary for cultural events, exhibitions, fairs, markets and sideshows
  • route of sport events, use of public space, temporary parking spaces
  • events where participants use green areas (except for cases covered by the law on assemblies)
  • temporary placement of works of arts as well as religious, cultural, historical symbol(s) and commemorative plaque(s)

Structures installed in the public interest

  • placement of street furniture, outdoor public equipment (particularly flower planter), clock
  • booth and shelters placed at transport stops, gas station, petrol totem price display, electric vehicle filling station
  • placement of structures and equipment in connection with public hygiene as well as selective container to collect municipial solid waste in public spaces

Entertainment activities

  • entertainment activites, portrait drawing
  • placement of mechanical music player, TV, or projector
  • busking
  • making music in publis spaces
  • sideshow
  • the production of an audivisual work not covered by the Act on Motion Picture if the normal use of public space is hindered for more than 30 minutes or on an area more than 15 m2;

Political, civil, and social activities

  • political events if it involves commercial, catering, and advertising activities
  • placement of equipment necessary for fundraising for more than 3 days for organizations falling under the Civil Act and other organizations
  • placement of equipment necessary for food distribution for a maximum of 3 days, except for places where notification is sufficient (see below)

Using micromobility points; for providers of micromobility points

Information on establishment of micromobility points is available here >>>

Filming in public spaces

Information on rules related to filming in public spaces is available here >>>

Obligation of notification

The following activities do not require a permission for the use of public spaces but shall be notified within 72 hours before the start of the activity, but no later than the start of the use.

  • temporary placement of a container requested by a private individual for an activity related to real estate owned by him/her, for a maximum of 2 days per year, in a parking space only
  • the use of public space related to the construction, repair and maintenance of roads, pavements and green areas
  • utility malfunction, telecommunication cable fault clearance activities
  • for the use of public space for the purpose of eliminating or averting a danger to life or accident, as determined by a structural engineer or other expert or authority, for a period of use not exceeding 30 calendar days
  • placement of road equipment and installations for the organisation and management of road traffic
  • placement of a small waste container during the opening hours of the place of entertainment, commerce, catering or service
  • political events if it does not involve commercial, catering, and advertising activities
  • non-commercial leaflet distribution except during a campaign
  • placement of equipment necessary for fundraising for a maximum of 3 days for organizations falling under the Civil Act and other organizations
  • placement of equipment necessary for food distribution for a maximum of 3 days in the following places:
  • Népszínház utca
  • parking zone in Vásár utca
  • Mátyás tér
  • western end of Teleki László tér
  • Horváth Mihály tér
  • Losonci tér
  • Kálvária tér

Where and in which cases a permission for the use of public spaces MAY NOT be granted

A permission for the use of public spaces may not be granted in the following cases.

  • at stops of public transport vehicles, except where the use of public space is for the purposes of passenger traffic or the provision of services or information to passengers
  • on a section of pavement where the intended installation would obstruct pedestrian traffic or the detection of a pedestrian entering the roadway
  • green areas if the intended use will cause permanent damage to the existing vegetation and restoration is not possible
  • engage in any activity that would adversely affect the environment, be dangerous to public safety, public health or be contrary to public morals
  • the construction of installations and equipment for the operation of which the necessary energy and water supply, sewerage or drainage and waste disposal cannot be ensured
  • within a zone with a radius of 1.5 metre around the memorial plaques in Corvin köz, and in the same place every year between 21-25 October and 2-6 November;
  • distribution of products that cannot be sold in public spaces
  • placement of sale tables except
  • at sport fields and if they are related to sport events
  • in case of occasional sale for up to 20 days before the following holidays:
    • Christmas
    • New Year’s Eve
    • Women’s Day
    • Easter
    • the celebration of 15 March
    • the celebration of 20 August
    • All Saints’ Day
    • Mother’s Day
  • the construction of enclosed structures for service purposes
  • an activity that is restricted or prohibited by the Town and Country Planning Ordinance – the Town and Country Planning Procedure and Manual are available here >>>
  • repairing vehicles
  • the storage of a vehicle used for advertising purposes, except during campaign periods
  • the placement of vehicles which do not meet the conditions for participation in transport or which do not participate in transport for the purpose of carrying advertising, except during campaign periods
  • the proper use of parking spaces for parking purposes

Who can NOT be granted a permission for the use of public space

  • applicants that are in arrears with payment for the use of public space
  • applicants that are in 30-day arrears with payment of instalments recorded in an instalment agreement concluded earlier
  • any member of the legal entity that is in arrears with payments for the use of public space resulting from their activity
  • applicants that had used public space at least on two occasions in the year prior to submitting an application, or on three or more occasions within the past three years without payment of the relevant contribution or for a different purpose, which had been established by people or bodies entitled for inspection, and a fine had been imposed but not paid.

When to submit an application?

Applications for the use of public space up to seven days must be submitted at least 8 working days in advance, for use beyond seven days at least 15 days in advance.

How long does it take for the Municipality to issue permission?

The relevant committee of the representative body makes a first-instance decision about the applications at its session following receipt of expert opinion but within 60 days the latest.

  • The representative body decides on temporary placement and maintenance of objects, symbols or memorial plaques not deemed works of art within 60 days from receipt of the relevant request.
  • The Mayor makes a first-instance decision within 8 days from receipt of the request
  • if the committee is not in session for 15 calendar days or if a meeting had no quorum
  • if the period of use requested is up to 7 calendar days and the applicant requests no reduction or waiver of fees
  • placement of containers for construction
  • for catering or busking except for organised events
  • for portrait drawing
  • for commercial leaflet distribution
  • for 30 days following local elections but not later than the establishment of the committee
  • if the applicant has been exempt for payment for a restaurant terrace or sunshade

How much will district residents have to pay for use of public space?

The decision maker shall establish the fee for the use of public space based on the provisions in Annex 1 to the Regulation, which is available here >>>

How can one apply for the reduction of or exemption from the fee?

You can apply for reduction of or exemption from the fee by submitting the documents verifying your cause if one of the following is true for you:

  • restoration of buildings using funds won at Municipality, Metropolitan, government or EU tenders
  • humanitarian or charity activities
  • cultural activity or environmental protection
  • non-commercial events organised by registered political parties, churches and social organisations
  • placement of ornamental pools, fountains, water tanks and other public objects
  • facilities established to provide services for public transport
  • for a justifiable reason.

Exemption from payment is not automatic.

When is the use of public space free-of-charge but subject to permission?

  • facilities and equipment used by providers of public space maintenance
  • facilities used by the armed forces, armed bodies, law enforcement bodies, the ambulance, the fire-brigades and the water utility services
  • public spaces used during renovation of condos, cooperative apartment buildings or listed historic buildings directly below the front of the building in its length provided it does not take up paying parking lots. If the use of public space takes up paying parking lots, the fee equals the fee of parking on working days.
  • placement of mailboxes
  • at the time of bulky waste collection
  • charity events or free-of-charge services for the public good
  • ramps, lifts for wheelchairs
  • structures and equipment of public hygiene
  • busking, other music making
  • placement of flower boxes
  • placement of protective devices of trees or other greeneries
  • soup kitchens or collection of donations for civil and other organisations (if longer than 3 days)

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