Rent an office space from the municipality with a discount – February 2023

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The Municipality of Józsefváros is launching a public, one-round tender for the preferential rent of non-residential premises owned by the Municipality for organizations engaged in pursuing municipal tasks and purposes.

The tender, which runs from March 1 to April 5, is for non-residential premises for which no applications were received at the time of the previous call or for which the lease was not concluded with the winner for some reason.

Important changes include that 

To submit a tender, it is necessary to fill in the form indicated above, which must be accompanied by the professional plan (prepared in the structure indicated), while other declarations and certificates need only be submitted by the successful tenderer.

The real estate will be leased by the municipality to the successful tenderer for a fixed term of 5 years, renewable.

As the Municipality intends to lease these premises in their current state, the minimum rent for the premises is not determined on a market basis (but on the basis of the current common/operating costs of the premises) and therefore no rent supplements for the amount of the renovation will be possible.

Who can apply?

The competition is open to persons with municipal functions and purposes who:

– a natural person, a sole proprietor or a transparent organization within the meaning of Section 3(1)(1)(1) of Act CXCVI of 2011 on National Property, registered and operating for at least 1 year.

An organization may apply validly if the organization undertakes tasks that are in line with its profile and that are useful for the district, contributing to the development of Józsefváros and to the enrichment of cultural and community life.

Which properties are eligible?

Parcel bumber Address Location Utilities Floor space (m2) Minimum net rental fee Net rental fee without discount
36778/0/A/2 Baross u. 47. ground floor and cellar electricity, gas, water 306 68 850 Ft 705 400 Ft
35527/2/A/74 Baross u. 86. ground floor electricity, water 49 8 477 Ft 144 150 Ft
35405/0/A/68 Baross u. 122. ground floor electricity, gas, water 79 13 400 Ft 159 150 Ft
35977/0/A/1 35977/0/A/2 Diószegi Sámuel u. 14. ground floor electricity, gas, water 152 52 632 Ft 178 750 Ft
35375/0/A/3 Dobozi u. 21. ground floor electricity, gas, water 220 38 052 Ft 585 580 Ft
35547/0/A/17 Horváth Mihály tér 5. ground floor electricity, gas, water 98,35 32 232 Ft 299 600 Ft
38867/4/A/2 38867/5/A/10 Hungária krt. 20/a; 20/b. cellar electricity,  water 33 4 734 Ft 62 500 Ft
35222/A/30 József u. 11. cellar electricity, gas, water 63 9 983 Ft 64 450 Ft
35450/1/0 Karácsony Sándor u. 22. cellar electricity, gas, water 106 18 209 Ft 91 250 Ft
34742/A/6 34742/A/7 Kun u. 12. ground floor electricity, gas, water 60 13 200 Ft 210 600 Ft
35371/1/0 Lujza u. 14. ground floor electricity, gas, water 38 7 074 Ft 122 500 Ft
35371/1/0 Lujza u. 14. ground floor electricity, gas, water 49 7 247 Ft 154 350 Ft
35424 Lujza u. 22. ground floor  and cellar electricity, gas, water 108 24 440 Ft 190 650 Ft
35291/0/A/2 Magdolna u. 10/b cellar electricity, gas, water 43 14 736 Ft 27 950 Ft
35469 Magdolna u. 33. * ground floor electricity, water 349 122 217 Ft 785 250 Ft
34903/0/A/64 Német u. 13. ground floor electricity, gas, water 46 9 540 Ft 104 150 Ft
34682/0/A/3 Népszínház u. 26. ground floor electricity, gas, water 124 37 526 Ft 268 800 Ft
35944/0/A/59 35944/0/A/63 Orczy út 45. ground floor  and cellar electricity, gas, water 130 23 400 Ft 227 500 Ft
35728/16/A/1 Práter u. 56. ground floor electricity,  water 134 32 160 Ft 201 250 Ft
35728/16/A/194 Práter u. 56. ground floor electricity,  water 52 12 480 Ft 84 500 Ft
35728/18/A/195 Práter u. 60. ground floor electricity,  water 52 10 400 Ft 105 500 Ft
34601/0/A/30 Rákóczi út 75. ground floor electricity, gas, water 152 24 760 Ft 151 600 Ft
36674/0/A/2 Rökk Szilárd u. 17. cellar electricity, gas, water 78 51 597 Ft 81 000 Ft
34734/0/A/26 Teleki tér 16.** ground floor electricity, gas, water 96 32 148 Ft 151 600 Ft
36504/0/A/21 36504/0/A/23 Vas u. 5. cellar electricity, gas, water 112 36 050 Ft 208 500 Ft
34827/0/A/1 Víg u. 15. cellar electricity, gas, water 112 70 503 Ft 125 300 Ft

* The premises at 33 Magdolna utca are accessible and usable, so the applicant bidding in this context will have priority in the evaluation. In this case, if several applications with the same score are received, the application with the highest score will be selected.

** The process of making the premises fit for their intended use is still ongoing and its completion may change the date of possible occupation.

What are the conditions for applying?

Payment of a tender security

Amount of the tender security: the amount indicated in the penultimate column of the table (minimum net rent) for the premises.

Payment of the bid security must be made in Hungarian forints only and cannot be replaced by securities, guarantee contracts or pledges.

Deadline for receipt of the bid security: April 5, 2023, 23:59

Deadline for submission of the tender: April 5, 2023, 11:30

When can properties be visited?

Between 1 March and 4 April, by appointment at the Real Estate Services Office at 2 Tavaszmező u., Budapest VIII. district, in person or by calling +36 1 210 4928,

+36 1 210 4929

When will the results be announced?

The deadline for the evaluation of the application and the expected announcement of the results is May 31, 2023.

Any further questions?

For further information on the application, please contact: Józsefváros City Centre for Public Utilities Premises Management Office. 06 1 216 6962/142, extension 257

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