Free Screening Saturday at the district clinic – June 3, 2023

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Time of screening: Saturday June 3, 2023, 8am – 1pm

Address and location of screening tests: Budapest VIII. district, Auróra u. 22-28.

  • PULMONARY CARE (1st floor) – COPD screening
  • DIABETOLOGY (1st floor) – blood glucose measurement, advice
  • CARDIOLOGY (1st floor) – ECG, blood pressure measurement, advice
  • GYNECOLOGY (4th floor) – cervical cancer screening
  • X-RAY (4th floor) – bone density measurement
  • ENT (5th floor) – mouth cancer screening
  • DERMATOLOGY (6th floor) – melanoma screening

Application for the screening tests:

ATTENTION! On this day only the above mentioned specialised clinics of the Health Centre are available. Neither the reception nor the telephone exchange is open on this day!

Registration for screening tests:

  • in person at the reception of the Health Centre;
  • by phone, direct numbers: 06/1/790-4721, 06/1/790-4722

You can register for the currently announced screening on working days as long as there is space available!

Screenings with a high number of requests will be repeated!

It is not possible to apply for more than one screening at the same time, provided that the time is in the same order!

On the Saturday of the screening, only those who are registered in advance, or those accompanying the patient, are allowed to be present in the Health Centre, as the other specialised clinics are closed on Saturday!

Please take advantage of this opportunity, we welcome your application!

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