We welcome you at the new customer service of Józsefváros Municipality!

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The construction has been completed, so from June 19, 2023 we will be accepting the clients of the Józsefváros Mayor’s Office in a renewed environment and a new location in the premises of the building at 66-68 Baross utca. Thank you for your patience during the renovation!

The Customer Service Office and the Family Support Office of the Józsefváros Mayor’s Office, as well as the customer relations staff dealing with civil registry and tax matters, will be located in the building opposite the main building at Baross u. 63-67. The new address is: Baross utca 66-68.

The Józsefváros Municipality offers a modern, service-oriented customer service at Baross utca 66-68 in order to help residents deal with their official affairs in an up-to-date and comfortable environment.

The Customer Service is wheelchair accessible from the entrance of the building on Baross utca.

The Family Support Office can be accessed from the Német utca entrance.

This is a barrier-free access and child-friendly environment.

Wheelchair access is only possible from Baross utca, which means that the clients of the Family Support Office can use the Baross utca entrance and will be escorted from one part of the building to the other by our staff.

There are also accessible toilets, a baby changing room, a baby-mother corner, and a cozy children’s corner near the Helpdesk for our clients.

Help with online administration on the spot

If you need help with online transactions, you can use the public computers at the Customer Service, which our staff can help you use.

For help: https://jozsefvaros.hu/ugyintezes/

To book an appointment: https://idopontfoglalas.jozsefvaros.hu/


Address: 1082 Budapest, Baross u. 66-68., entrance from Baross u. (wheelchair accessible)

Tel.: +36 1/459 2100

Toll free number: +36 80/277 256

E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@jozsefvaros.hu

Opening hours:

Monday: 8.00-18.00

Tuesday: 12.45-16.00

Wednesday: 8.00-16.30

Thursday: 8.00-16.00

What services are available here?

General customer service

Birth registration

Tax administration

Certification of Customers’ books

Urban design procedures – general information

Registration for office hours (mayor, notary)

Application for a birth certificate

Reception of completed civil status certificates


Address: 1082 Budapest, Baross u. 66-68., entrance from Német u. (wheelchair access  from Baross utca)

Tel.: +36 20/539 0533

+36 20/433 9100

+36 20/433 8899

+36 20/440 7209

Attention! For the time being, the office staff can only be contacted on these mobile phone numbers, as the previously known landline numbers are not available. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

E-mail: szocialis@jozsefvaros.hu

Opening hours:

Monday: 13.30-18.00

Tuesday: 12.45-16.00

Wednesday: 8.15-16.30

For more information about the Family Support Office, click here: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/polgarmesteri-hivatal/szervezeti-egysegek/csaladtamogatasi-iroda/


Tel: +36 1/459 2176

E-mail: anyakonyv@jozsefvaros.hu

Opening hours:

Special registry service

Monday: 13.30-18.00

Tuesday: 12.45-16.00

Wednesday: 8.15-16.30

Notification of death

Monday to Friday: 8.15-10.00

For more information about the Registry Office, click here: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/polgarmesteri-hivatal/szervezeti-egysegek/anyakonyvi-iroda/


+36 1/459 2134, +36 1/459 2511,

+36 20 377-6854 (on Fridays)

E-mail: adougy@jozsefvaros.hu

Opening hours:

Monday: 13.30-18.00

Tuesday: 12.45-16.00

Wednesday: 8.15-16.30

For more information about the Tax Office’s responsibilities, click here: https://jozsefvaros.hu/otthon/polgarmesteri-hivatal/szervezeti-egysegek/adougyi-iroda/

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