Construction starts at Losonci tér!

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In the week of 17 July 2023, the contractor will start work on the area next to the SPAR on Szigony utca and the Losonci Téri Általános Iskola, marking the beginning of the renewal of Losonci tér.

In the spring of 2022, we asked the institutions and residents of Losonci tér what they miss from the area. Many said they had nowhere to sit, nowhere to meet, too little green space and the square has no real character. They have helped to shape the design of Losonci tér. Our aim is to transform public spaces to create new places where people can meet, relax and easily move around.

The project will also regenerate the spaces between the panel buildings and the promenade connecting them. Asphalt will be broken up and replaced by green spaces as much as possible. The work will first start in Szigony utca, next to the SPAR, at the Losonci Forum and the parking lots next to the Losonci Téri Általános Iskola, in the Front Garden, and will gradually progress along the promenade until it reaches Illés utca.

The winning contractor is ZÖFE Zöldterület fenntartó és Fejlesztő Kft. The contractor has 90 days to complete the works, followed by a 30-day technical handover period.

The work will take place mainly in an area closed to car traffic, but the car park next to the school will be partially affected. Traffic signs will also indicate the closures of the car park, please pay attention to them. In any case, pedestrian traffic will be provided everywhere. As a first sign of the construction, the colourful spaceships will be moved from the area of Szigony utca next to SPAR during the construction and will serve as information points in the three main locations during the construction.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation!

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