Dog-friendly developments in Józsefváros in 2023

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Dog-friendly developments in Józsefváros in 2023

A dog needs assessment was carried out again in the district in 2023. The results provide an important basis for planning future developments, but it was also an important confirmation for the Municipality that the dog owners of Józsefváros drew attention to deficiencies, which were discussed by the responsible staff during the year and many of them were implemented by the end of the year.

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Several dog runs have been modified to improve the comfort of dogs and their owners. As the district’s dog runs are typically small, there is little room to exercise dogs properly. This gap has been filled with dog agility games in suitable dog runs. In the two large dog runs (on Szenes Iván tér and Golgota tér), which were previously equipped with agility toys, the old toys, which were often dangerous, were replaced by new ones.

In addition to playfulness, it was also important to ensure that the dogs are properly hydrated. New drinking fountains were installed in the large run in Kálvária tér and in the run in Stróbl Alajos utca. The latter was an implementation of a participatory budgeting idea submitted in 2022, which did not win the vote in the end.

In addition to these, the JGK Zrt. staff were the first to build a rain shelter in the large dog run at Kálvária tér, thus protecting the owners from the weather. In addition, new benches and bins were installed at several locations, and a sluice gate was built.

In the continuously improved kennels, a new code of conduct has been in force since December 1, which is effectively an official version of the “dog etiquette” previously posted, so that Public Space Supervisors can deal with potential conflict situations more effectively. In addition to the adoption of the new policy, new opening hours for small and large runs in Kálvária tér were also adopted, limiting the previous 24-hour opening hours to between 5pm and 11pm, in order to ensure the peace of mind of the residents in the area. Signs with the new policy will be placed in the shops early next year.

The new house rules will also be implemented immediately in a new dog run: a new dog run will be set up in Tömő utca, the first dog run in the Losonci quarter, following a public consultation initiated by the 40-46 Tömő utca condominium. The works are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The new dog run will not be the only place to play with dogs: the construction of the first dog-friendly park in Józsefváros is also underway, at the corner of Koszorú and Magdolna utca.

In addition to the developments, this year there have been more opportunities for local dog communities to get involved in preparing decisions that affect them and to make a difference.

To implement the idea of “Dog-friendly development of II. János Pál pápa tér”, which won the 2022 participatory budgeting, the Municipality of Budapest and the District Municipality launched a public consultation, during which a working group of residents prepared the decision on the development based on the results of the needs assessment. As part of this, the square will become an integrated park, where dogs will be able to walk off-leash in designated areas, and grass will be planted and irrigation systems installed in areas that have been left out.

This year was not complete without a Trainer in the Dog Run program. Last year, for the first time, the ZöldEb Association organised free obedience training in the district’s dog runs with great success. This year, the program was repeated with a new system and new topics, responding to the specificities of the district, again helping many dogs and their owners in Józsefváros.

The constant fight against abandoned dog poop on the streets continued. Also thanks to a 2022 participatory budgeting idea, several Pick Up Yourself action days were organised in the Csarnok Quarter, with signs to help forgetful owners pick up after their dogs. And in Mátyás tér, a dog day was organised.

This year, the Municipality also celebrated its black dogs on World Black Dog Day.

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