Rules for the second wave of the coronavirus-pandemic

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  Rules for the second wave of the coronavirus-pandemic
Please read our guide on how to wear a mask, what other precautions you can take and also how you can help.

Please click here to learn about how you can help your neighbors and the municipality in these unprecedented times >>>

It is compulsory to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times in the 8th district on all public and private aeras open to the public. Breaking the rule carries a fine of 5000 500 thousand forints. The new mask rule does not apply to people engaged in individual sports or in green areas and parks.Playgrounds and dog runs stay open as usual but are disinfected more often. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended at these locations, too.

Enclosed ball game fields and courts are closed.

The ice-skating ring will not be set up and all related (pre)Christmas events are cancelled.

Curfew: there is a curfew in effect between 8pm and 5am. You must remain inside unless you go to or come from work and you need to have a signed and stamped proof from your employer. Dog owners are allowed to walk their dogs without any time restriction, but they must stay within a 500 radius of their home.

General ban on events: Events are not allowed. No spectators are allowed at sporting events. Doing sports individually is allowed in the open, but amateur group games are not. Hotels can only host business visitors, not tourists.

All gatherings are forbidden. Restaurants must remain closed for sit-in guests, only take-aways are allowed. Canteens at work places can stay open. All shops, hairdressers and other services must close at 7pm. Weddings are only allowed without parties. Funerals may be attended by a maximum of 50 people. Not more than 10 people are allowed at family gatherings.

Education now turns digital in high schools above 8th grade and at universities. Student dormitories are closed. Nurseries, kindergartens and elementary schools for children under 14 remain open.

No parking fees: Parking is free in public spaces

More information

Municipality of Józsefváros

toll-free number from Monday to Friday 8am-6pm: 06 80 277 256

Hungarian Government Official Information

toll-free numbers: 06 80 277 455, 06 80 277 456

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