Sidewalk liberation in Palotanegyed

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In the densely populated areas of Józsefváros, including in the Palotanegyed neighborhood parking on narrow streets and sidewalks is a major problem. In many streets in the district, parking on both sidewalks with two wheels is currently in force, which narrows the already narrow sidewalk surface even more, causing serious problems for pedestrians, strollers and wheelchair users. This is also contrary to the Highway Code, which stipulates that cars should only park on sidewalk if they have at least 1.5 metres of space for pedestrians.

As part of the Palotanegyed program, the municipality is returning several sidewalks to pedestrians. The changes are intended to improve the safety and comfort of walking and cycling, slow down the speed of motorized traffic and improve the atmosphere of the streets.  The scheme will be implemented in August, 2023.

Changes will be made to Csepreghy utca and Nap utca between Kisfaludy and Futó utca with no reduction in parking spaces, a small reduction in Múzeum Street and the elimination of one side parking lane on sections of Bródy Sándor, Krúdy, Nap, Puskin and Szentkirályi utca. The relevant section of Krúdy utca will be completely renewed and greened by the beginning of 2024. More details can be found here >>>

# Public space Section Number of parking spots Number of eliminated parking spots Earliest day of implementation
1 Nap u. 1 Kisfaludy utca - Futó utca 28 - August 8.
2 Csepreghy u. Whole section 36 - Augusts 9.
3 Múzeum u. Ötpacsirta utca - Szentkirályi utca 36 August 15.
4 Nap u. 2 József körút - Kisfaludy utca 38 17  August 16.
5 Bródy Sándor u. Horánszky utca - Gutenberg tér 33 16  August 23.
6 Krúdy u. Mária utca - Rökk Szilárd utca 34 17  August 22.
7 Puskin utca Trefort utca - Bródy Sándor utca 46 24  August 29.
8 Szentkirályi u. Rákóczi út - Trefort utca 50 23 August 30.


The residents and car owners of the streets concerned will be informed by the Municipality through leaflets and posters in several phases until the construction is completed.

As you know, this summer, other initiatives to ease the parking situation will be implemented in the Palotanegyed neighborhood: exclusive residential parking will be introduced, new concentrated loading bays and Kiss & Ride parking spaces will be designated. Read more about these here >>>

The main objective of the Józsefváros Parking Strategy was to achieve a more democratic allocation of public spaces, and technical measures included the introduction of exclusive residential parking zones, new concentrated loading bays and Kiss & Ride points, and the elimination of curbside parking in public spaces where it impedes pedestrian traffic.

Thanks to the new parking regulations based on the strategy, the number of parking contributions issued to residents has fallen by 25% compared to last year. Free parking spaces are now visible in public areas early and late at night, and the pressure on parking in the district has been eased, with free parking now available on most streets at all times.

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