Pick Up Yourself Józsefváros!  Action week against dog poop

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Join the Pick Up Yourself! Action Weeks between September 11-17, 2023 to call the attention of local dog owners to the importance of collecting dog poop!

During the action week, you can put up awareness-raising Pick Up Yourself signs all over the district on your own, with your friends or during a joint action organized by us.

Join our joint action at Teleki tér on September 13 at 5pm!

Do you want to join us? Fill in the application form by September 10 and we will contact you with the exact details! Click here for the application form >>>

What are we up to? We will put together a pack for each participating team, which will include all the essential supplies for putting up the signs and a primer on frequent questions.

What to prepare? For the action, it’s a good idea to choose an outfit that you don’t mind becoming dirty. Think about when you’re available for the action week and start organizing your action team by inviting people you know to the Facebook event.

When can you take action? You can pick up your action pack from September 4 at the Office of Community Participation at the Mayor’s Office of Józsefváros (address: 1082 Budapest, Baross u. 63-67. Fszt. 3/1). The action week runs from September 11 to 17. During  this time you can organize an action alone, with family, friends or even join a collective action.


When? The action day starts on Wednesday, September 13 at 5pm

Where? We will meet at Teleki tér in front of the park entrance, next to the Lantern Light statue.

What are we going to do? In pairs or small groups, participants will visit pre-defined target areas, where they will look for places to put up Pick Up Yourself signs and draw Pick Up Yourself pavement paintings and also pin pre-made Pick Up Yourself flags to the orphaned dog poop that they come across in case their owner may still take care of it as they pass by.

The Pápa tér dog lovers’ community, partly with the support of the Józsefváros Municipality, has placed yellow “Pick Up Yourself!” signs in many places in the district in recent years to remind dog owners of cleaning up after their dogs. The Office of Community Participation regularly organizes awareness-raising activities with residents of Józsefváros, where we put up signs and paint the “Pick Up Yourself” signs on the sidewalks throughout the district.

Join us, let’s do something together for our environment!

The Action Week is part of the Dog Community Development Programs in the Csarnok neighborhood, a winning idea in the 2022 participatory budgeting.

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